As the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available to more people we thought it might be helpful to hear others’ stories as to how/when/where people are getting through the process. If you’d like to share your story on this blog, email it to

2/28/21-From a volunteer at the Grossmont Center Vaccination center – note: the steps were tweaked over the course of the three times that they volunteered so it could change again!  Apparently there is a LOT of yelling at volunteers – please show grace and kindness through this process.

  • Have photo ID and immunization card (if you already have it) out at all times – they will need to be shown at multiple places along the way.  
  • Masks are required – no gaiters. 
  • The Clinic is located in the old Charlotte Russe store, as of 2.27, lines start east of the clinic, towards Walmart.  There are volunteers onsite directing people to the right line and verifying that people have appointments (please have a copy of your appointment confirmation). You don’t need to line up at the Oasis storefront unless you have been directed there by a volunteer.  
  • Volunteers at the door will monitor traffic flow to keep social distancing, make sure that everybody has their ID and immunization card out, and direct you to the next available registration desk (who will need to see your ID and card)
  • After check in, you will line up for the shot.  Volunteers at the front of that line will make sure that you have your ID and card out and direct you to the next available vaccinator. (As of 2.27, they have separate tables for Moderna and Pfizer and will direct you to the appropriate location)
  • Vaccinator will verify your ID and immunization card and give you the shot.
  • There is a mandatory wait after the shot (15 or 30 minutes depending).  Volunteers will hand you a piece of paper with a time stamp that shows when you can leave the monitoring area.  It doesn’t matter if this is the first or second vaccine, the wait is required.
  • After waiting the applicable time, you will need to show this time stamp paper to a volunteer at the door in order to leave.

Tips:  Wear short sleeves // Try to limit the number of people going into the clinic, if you require assistance to get through the line, a helper is OK, if you had a friend give you a ride but can navigate on your own, please have your friend meet you in the monitoring area.  // Keep the ID out until you get to the monitoring area as stopping to put it away can cause log jams // As of 2.27, the second appointment is scheduled via an email that is sent to you seven to five days before your date. These appointments are not scheduled during the first visit //  Bring lots of patience – the volunteers who are working onsite have nothing to do with setting up policies or procedures. 

3/3/21 – I am a healthcare worker so I was eligible to get my 1st shot about 6 weeks ago.  However,  I had just gone in and gotten a tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis) shot so I had to wait an additional 2 weeks after that shot to get the Covid vaccine. 

I am a Kaiser member so at that time, I just called the appointment number and they took my phone number and had a nurse call me back to book the appointment. That took about 2 days.  I was able to get an appointment 2 days after my 14 days from the tdap was up.  I think that process may have changed and there is a dedicated phone number for the vaccine now. 

I could choose where to go from 2 Kaiser facilities and I choose the new Kaiser hospital in Clairmont. 

There is a tent set up outside where you begin. At 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, they line you up and have you fill out paperwork. I had to bring my Kaiser card and a picture ID. They check your temperature, the paperwork and head you inside to a person at a computer who checks you in, gives you your COVID card and immediately makes you an appointment for your second dose. Then you weave through the hospital, guided by very friendly and helpful guides with pompoms up to the 4th floor. They offer wheelchairs for those that may have walking issues as it is quite a walk to the place you actually get the shot. They collect the paperwork and a nurse gives you the shot. There is a 2 person check to make sure the medicine is accurate which I appreciated as the nurses I had were very chatty. They then guide you to a separate area to wait at least 15 minutes (it’s on the honor system at this point) or more if you have other issues. The chairs are socially distanced and everyone still has to wear a mask the whole time. Many supervisors are there but you time yourself and leave after 15 minutes. Someone guides you to the elevator and to the 1st floor where you exit and go home. 

The 2nd shot was exactly the same except there wasn’t but one person waiting so I got in early. The whole thing only took 30 minutes in and out. Very efficient. 

I completed my 2nd shot on Monday, March 1. 

Everything went smooth and other than a sore arm both times, I have experienced no side effects so far. 

 2/16/21 -“My mom qualifies based on her age.  She is going through the Sharp Grossmont location, and getting the Moderna vaccine.  First shot was on Jan. 21, second shot scheduled for Feb. 18 (she got an email on the 11th with a link to schedule the second shot for the 18th only).  The appointments were booked via the county website.  No side effects from the first shot.

2/18/21 “[We] got the COVID vaccine this AM at Balboa Park through the Fire Department. He was at a doctor’s appointment yesterday and they made the appointments for us since our clinic will not get enough vaccine for us until the fall. So I don’t know the whole process or how easy it is. And it’s only for healthcare personnel and over 65. But here is the link if it helps:

2/20/21 –“I received the Pfizer vaccine through Mt Miguel [Covenant Village] scheduling it for us.  I had the first injection January 16 and the second one Feb 6, 3 weeks apart.  I had tenderness at the injection site the first day and my arm was sore the next day only. I did not take any pain pills.  I didn’t have any other symptoms.  The symptoms were the same for the second dose with less soreness the next day. Someone suggested on the day of the injection to move your arm around a lot and massage the arm at the site. The next day I had less soreness. I felt like a slept longer for a couple days after the second dose. But maybe that was because I was quite busy.  I didn’t feel tired during the day.”   


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