Our Health and Wellness ministry provides, supports, and promotes Christ-centered wellness addressing physical, spiritual, emotional, and social health in our church and community. Throughout the year this team offers seminars, formation classes, and ministry events exploring topics such as Domestic Abuse Awareness (October each year), Nutrition, Neuro-Health, and many others.  If you would like to participate or get information about this ministry team please contact Jan Peterson at gverle@hotmail.com.


Trauma and Abuse Ministry

Trauma and Abuse impact many people in our world. They suffer behind closed doors, most often concealing their pain, fearful of those on both sides of the door. These are the victims of abuse. They are neighbors, co-workers, friends, and loved ones. Victims of abuse come from all walks of life, and this epidemic knows no boundaries. While the secular world can offer protection and advice, it cannot provide the one thing most needed: Jesus’s healing touch that brings renewal and hope. If you or someone you know is in need of care and support for issues related to any type of abuse or a traumatic event please contact Dominique Hale via email at TcareCCC@gmail.com.  Dominique is our local AVA church advocate and a trained Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Volunteer at a local agency, The Center for Community Solutions.

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